Is Your Workspace a Mess?

We specialize in cleaning offices quickly and efficiently

Le Le's Cleaning is your professional solution for maintaining a tidy office. In order for your employees to work productively, their offices need to be clean and germ-free. We work quickly and efficiently, and we can schedule our visits to clean your office before work, after work or even during the workday. We want you to be able to focus on your work-not on cleaning.

Our commercial cleaning prices are as follows:
$175 for small offices
$200 for large offices

These prices are negotiable, depending on the complexity and layout of your workplace. Call us now at 207-242-7037 to schedule your commercial cleaning service.

Don't settle for unreliable commercial cleaning services

If some parts of your office are left dirty, your property is damaged or items have turned up missing, you should probably hire a different cleaning service. Trust Le Le's Cleaning to clean your office space, and you'll see the difference that having a professional cleaning service can make.

Hire us today and start enjoying the benefits of a cleaner office space.